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Photos by Tim Chandonnet

Round & Round Productions is an event management company with over 18 years of experience.  Their race resume includes US Olympic Road Trials, USCF Masters Nationals, Washington Trust Cycling Classic, Goodwill Games, numerous NORBA Nationals, World Cup Mountain Bike races, National Triathlon Championship races as well as many local and regional events.

Their primary focus since 2006 is on the incredibly fun, wild and crazy, 24 Hour Round the Clock mountain bike relay race which began in 1999 and takes place annually at Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA.

The "Round the Clock" 24 hour event is a team relay mountain bike race, beginning at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday.  Teams compete for medals, prizes and bragging rights.

Plan your Memorial Day weekend now and make the first 3 day weekend of summer seriously memorable.  We'll give you a weekend of camping, mountain biking, adrenaline rushes, laughing, camaraderie and fun that you will never forget.  Go it alone or put together a team of your friends, their friends and anyone else who wants to have nothin' but fun for 2 solid days.  You'll start off at High Noon on Saturday and be going round in circles on a 14+ mile course for 24 hours...how could that not be fun? 

Anyone who can ride a bike can do this....your team decides how many laps each person does....one or bunches.  So bring your camping gear, bike gear, food & beverage and whatever else will keep you going for 24 little hours...then come on out and help make something big happen!