Payment & Volunteers


Solo fees are due by May 11th.  A $50 late fee will apply after that date.  No volunteers are required for solo riders, however you must have a support person with you.


We will be issuing volunteer sign-up times based on when we receive full payment and COMPLETED registration forms.  Please note that if we received full payment but only partially complete team member registrations, you will not receive a volunteer sign-up group assignment until we have everything completed.

Here’s how your registration date will work for your volunteer sign-up:

  • Completed team rosters and full payment received by February 28th = Group A
  • Completed team rosters and full payment received by March 31st = Group B
  • Completed team rosters and full payment received by April 30th = Group C
  • All payments and rosters received after April 30th = Group D
  • Group A will have first volunteer sign-up rights on-site from 4-5:00pm, Friday, May 25th
  • Group B will follow them from 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • Group C will follow from 6pm-7pm
  • Group D will follow from 7pm-8pm

Team registrations received after May 11th must include a $50 late fee, no exceptions!

Categories & Fees

Round & Round Productions has a no refund policy

Solos = $275

  • Solo Men 39 & Under
  • Solo Men 40-49
  • Solo Men 50+
  • Solo Men 60+
  • Solo Women
  • Solo Single Speed (one gear, one person, 24 hours....OUCH!)

2 Person Teams = $395

  • 2 Person Open Elite Team
  • 2 Person Coed (A Jack and a Jill)

4 Person Open = $ 525

Whatever gender mix makes you happiest!

5 Person Juniors = $475

18 & under any gender mix

5 Person Adult Teams = $640

  • All Female
  • Coed - at least one male and one female per team
  • Open Age – add up your ages and select one of these options:
    • Combined age group 150-199
    • Combined age group 200-249
    • Combined age group 250+         

Corporate Teams = $800

  • Corporate - Up to 10 people of any age, sex or fun factor! Teams can be families, friends or businesses...we're easy!
  • Police/Fire/Military Team - Up to 10 people of any age, sex and power range with an affiliation to police, fire or military organizations

Bike Shop Teams - NEW! - $800

  • Calling all Bike Shops!!! - Up to 10 people of any age or sex...a fun mix of your customers, mechanics, crazy good riders or friends!  Friendly Bike Shop competition encouraged!!  We'll have a special location reserved for all bike shops on Cowbell Corner!!  If you're interested in lots of exposure, contact us about the opportunities to host a special event (think chariot race, log pull or something you'll pull out of your mad hat!!!)


If, after you have submitted your online registration you need to add a team member, change a team member, change a team name, etc., you may do so, however for each change there will be a $5 charge. 

To make changes:
1.  Email with the following info:
    Team name (old & new if changing)
    Category (old and new if changing) 
    Person(s) being replaced & person(s) replacing - include email, emergency  
    contact and t-shirt size
    (t-shirt size will default to original order if changes are made after May 11th)
2.  Make your payment with your Paypal account using to do so.  $5 per person or per change to
3.  Or with a credit card, 3 digit security code, and mailing zip code
    (call 509-953-9831 with this info)
4.  Once payment is received, changes to the roster will be initiated.


Team-Mate Finder

Looking for a TEAM to join or MATE(S) to join your team? Complete and submit the Team-Mate Finder form, and we'll help get the word out for you!