Below is the Strava link to the 2018 course which will be “almost” exactly the same for 2019

Watch a 2012 video, courtesy of Mafia Racing below.

COURSE DESCRIPTION (courtesy of Dave Nelson) 

The course is 15 miles per lap with less than 400 feet of total elevation change and a little over 1200 feet in cumulative climbing. It's 70% doubletrack and 30% singletrack which is mostly fast, open, and flowy. 

There are 5 rock gardens. The first is a small one a couple miles in, and when turning left off the doubletrack in the lake district, tends to be a bottleneck on the first lap (8:30 in the video).  The second is the top half of Devils Down, the third is the far end of Little Vietnam, the fourth is just before checkpoint 4 on the map (57:30 in the video), and the fifth is the Stone Temple Highway (59:40 in the video). 

There is one "gotcha" spot. Riders who aren't familiar with the course should be aware of and it's the sharp left hand turn at the bottom of Wicked Witch (54:00 on the video)because it's loose gravel in the braking area with a sharp left at the bottom. It's not technical but it goes from fast to slow with a sharp left hand turn very quickly.