Round and Round an round a roun rong #%$#Q*! Why do we do this?

Round and Round an round a roun rong #%$#Q*! Why do we do this?

I just finished ordering custom T-shirts for Team Exo-Keto to sport at this year's Round and Round. Sometime last week as I was finishing the design and order for our team jerseys I was starting to ask myself why I was doing all this. Actually I was asking myself that question late one night the eve of March 15th as I registered our teams' 13 members. Last year I thought registering five was tough. What was amazing is I got everyone registered without the screen locking up or the site timing out.. and I only messed up one T-shirt size!

This will be my 4th time embarking on this 24 hours of madness. Sometime between Friday at 6 am and Sunday at 3 am I start questioning the sanity of all this. Racing... around the clock. What started as a way to stay fit, induce endorphins, and feel the wind through my helmet vents across my bald head, has become as my girlfriend put it, a mild obsession. This is cheaper and more long lasting than psychotherapy I think to myself. I love off road bicycling, but this race represents something more. It coincided with me finding later in life... community, friendships, and a small dose of good-natured competition to keep things interesting.  

It's been fun trying to figure out new and creative ways to involve my other passions. Ergo the emergence of Team Exo-Keto. This is what happens when a naturopath likes to bike I guess. What is cool this year is I got a few friends to throw their small businesses into the milieu: Mutu Coffee Roasters, This Bike Life, and Edward Jones' own Ty Barbery. I guess we'll get free coffee this year, bike fixes, and financial advice as we deliriously rolling out sore muscles between laps.

I realized pondering all this... the why? is something indescribable.. or indiscernible.. or at least insensible. Something between obsession, fun, community, friends and family and wondering "how fast can I go on Devil's Down?" ...and if you want to know what the heck Exo-Keto means... you will have to wander by our camp.

See you all Memorial Day weekend!

Dr. G