All participants must be entered on the event master list which will be derived from the final team submissions. Each team captain must check in with the manual timing referee at 11:30 am prior to the race to ensure each team member’s name is on the manual timing sheets.

Laps are approximately 15 miles, consisting of both single and double track designed to accommodate all levels of riders. A Le Mans style start will line racers up at the start without their bikes. When the gun goes off, racers run a pre-set course (approx. 600 yds) which brings them back to find their bikes in the bike racks and off onto the course. Each starting racer must be logged in prior to the start of the race and have his/her bike pre-positioned in the bike rack area. The next rider (the on deck rider) who is waiting for their teammate to finish the lap must log in to their respective manual timing registrar no later than 15 minutes before the expected arrival of their preceding teammate.

All team members will carry and hand off the team baton (electronic transponder). Each rider will have a bike number that must be visible to officials and viewing audience. No defacing of the number plate is allowed. The "transition pit" area can be accessed by team members only. Bike number must be worn at all times when accessing the transitioned areas.


    1.    Each team is required to supply at least one volunteer to be available to donate a minimum of 4 hours of their time to help in running the event. There will be a pre-race volunteer meeting 10:15am Saturday morning to coordinate the places, times, and activities required for the event. The volunteer sign-up sheet for the volunteer shift schedule will be available at registration Friday night and Saturday am. All hours of the 24 period will need to be filled. First come, first pick of hours/jobs! No Volunteer, No Race/or team will be disqualified!
    2.    Each team will designate a team captain and co-captain. Team captains will represent the team in all correspondence and communications before, during and after the event. The co-captain can represent the team during the event when the captain is unavailable. Only team captains and co-captains may attend the pre-race meeting. Only team captains can file protests.
    3.    The team captain must attend the pre race meeting at 10:40am sharp on Saturday morning.
    4.    Only team members are allowed in the "transition pit" area.
    5.    Mechanical support on the course can only be supplied by registered racers. Supporting racers must access the course under their own power (foot or bike). Teammates may take any equipment or tools with them on the course, and may even swap bikes with teammates. Cannibalizing bicycle parts is definitely legal!!
    6.    Water and food may be supplied to any racer by anyone anywhere anytime, however racers must stay clear of course when feeding. Penalties given for littering on course!!
    7.    Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles (who should stay on least ride-able portion of trail when being passed). A racer pushing or carrying his or her bicycle can overtake a racer riding provided that the rider is not interfered with.
    8.    Lapped riders should yield to leaders. Leaders should be very vocal when preparing to pass any racer, "on your left!" or "on your right!" should be used. It is the responsibility of the challenging rider to overtake safely. Riders being lapped must yield on the first command.
    9.    When 2 riders are Vying for position, the leading rider does not have to yield position to the challenging rider. However, a rider may not physically interfere or intend to impede another rider’s progress; this is considered to be highly unsportsmanlike behavior.
    10.    Short cutting the course by any logged-in racer shall result in the disqualification of that racer’s entire team.
    11.    No profane language or unsportsmanlike behavior please...this is for fun!! Such behavior is subject to disqualification at the discretion of the promoter.
    12.    We’ll be operating on park property. All local and state ordinances will be abided to at all times.
    13.    Only riders officially entered in the event may practice or compete on the designated race course immediately prior and during the event.
    14.    Protests can only be made by team captains, in writing with supporting info (description, witnesses, names, addresses and phone #’s of captain) & delivered to race director with $20 in cash, any time after the end of the race, up to 15 minutes after the posting of final results. Race director will promptly rule on protest. Fee forfeited if protest denied or refunded if upheld.
    15.    Race director has final say in all rulings.


Racers must have a primary light source with a rated power of at least 150 lumens and carry a backup light source (penlight or flashlight system) All riders must also have a flashing rear red light.

Racers entering the course between 8pm Saturday & 5am Sunday must be able to show that both their primary and secondary light sources are in good working order. After 8:00pm, riders are required to ride with lights burning. Riding with lights off to save batteries is dangerous and against rules. Any team riding with lights off will be disqualified. After 5am, lights may be turned off and dismounted. The on & off times for lights are subject to Race director’s discretion. Weather will play a significant role in this determination. Announcements will be made of exact times.
Each participant is responsible for their own lighting system and battery supply. Certain lighting companies may be providing battery recharging stations and product support. Teams may recharge their batteries (if one of the support brands) at charging stations.


Racers must log in and out each lap at the start/finish tent. Team baton must be swiped across electronic device by rider logging out and then passed to the rider logging in before the rider logging in may start his/her lap. Once the transponder is swiped, racer has officially logged out. The log out time automatically becomes the log in time for the next rider regardless of whether there is a rider waiting to receive the baton from the previous rider or not. Loss of baton results in a penalty of one lap to the team. If a racer is staying on for additional lap, or if racer is competing as solo, racer must still swipe the transponder before logging in to the additional lap. If the racer does not do this, only one lap will be counted. If a team cancels a rider’s lap and is restarting with a new rider, a new baton will be issued w/o penalty. The original baton is to be returned ASAP. Riding time will be recorded for the new rider from the original log in time of the canceled rider. It is the responsibility of the teams to make sure that each rider is logged in and logged out correctly.

Once on the course, a rider must complete his or her lap. Substitutions can only be made at the check-in tent.

ALL RIDERS MUST DISMOUNT at the DISMOUNT sign, and proceed through the timing tent at a walk….not at a run!  This ensures the safety of all those inside the tent, the timing equipment and the rider.

The team has the option of canceling a rider’s lap and restarting the lap from the original rider’s log in time by notifying the logging official for their team (must show team bib number) once a cancellation has been made, it cannot be rescinded.
In the event that a team loses one of its teammates due to illness, injury or exhaustion, that team may continue to compete.


The race ends at 12 noon Sunday. Riders must log off course from 12 noon on. Each team’s finishing place will be determined by the number of laps the team completed and the order of finish within the team’s last lap. (Team that has completed 28 laps with a finish time of 12:31pm would beat a team that completed 28 laps, finishing at 12:47pm) If a rider logs out just before 12 noon and no other team member logs in before 12pm then no finish time can be recorded and the team will be listed as dnf.


All riders will be required to pay a $7 insurance fee and sign a waiver on site. No USA Cycling licenses will be required.


Each team is required to provide one volunteer for a 4 hour shift. Solo riders do not need a volunteer, but must have a support person with them to keep track of their whereabouts!